What will the collected money be spent on?

Money collected from donors will be spent mainly on endoscopic end pieces, that is single use laparoscopic instruments. An instrument for one surgery costs approximately CZK 15,000. If there are donors willing to contribute a larger amount to the APOLENA Foundation, this money will be used to buy a portable ultrasound machine at the price of approximately CZK 200,000. Everyone’s dream at the G5 Endoscopy Unit is state-of-the-art 3D laparoscopic equipment costing approximately USD 150,000 (around CZK 3m). We hope that eventually we will find enough generous donors and will be able to buy the equipment.

Part of the donations (20% maximum) is meant for the training of surgeons from the G5 Endoscopy Unit.

Why are the endoscopic end pieces so important?

Compared to “ordinary” end pieces these special state-of-the-art endoscopic end pieces allow faster operations with smaller blood loss and smaller risk of serious complications. The endoscopy unit can afford around 20 of these instruments every year, which is very little for a centre that specialises in the most difficult surgery in the field of gynaecologic laparoscopy. The goal of the APOLENA Foundation is to use the financial donations to buy more of these special endoscopic end pieces every year (ideally another 50) so that more women patients can receive surgery using a significantly more advanced method.

Who are the patients who receive surgery carried out with those up-to-date endoscopic instruments?

They are often oncology patients of various age groups and also women with severe endometriosis.

I have decided to help the APOLENA Foundation. What can I do for you?

You can send your financial assistance to our transparent account number 77700777/2010. If you are sending your help from abroad, please use these bank information:

Account owner: Nadační fond APOLENA
Bank address: Fio banka, Ječná 35, 120 000, Praha 2

If you have other means of assistance, please contact the chairperson of the board (here). Thank you.

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Transparent Account

Transparent Account

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Account owner:
Nadační fond APOLENA
Bank Address:
Fio Banka, Ječná 35, Praha 2



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Primary goal of APOLENA Fundation is to provide financial support to endoscopy theatres at the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the General University Hospital in Prague and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, also known as "U Apolináře".